Graphic Designing for Everybody:

Basics of Image Editing &

Photoshop Specialization


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Learn to Design and Create Graphical Images. Build Wonderful Graphics for Your Use


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Graphic Designing


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About the Course

This Course covers how to systematically use Photoshop & Illustrator. In this course, you will learn Photoshop & Illustrator in a step by step manner. After learning this course you can create vector as well as raster arts for your use. Mastering Photoshop & Illustrator will let you perfect your Graphic Designing Skills.


How the Course Works


Take Course

A detechub course is a series of videos that help you master a skill. To begin, enroll in the Course directly, or review its different courses and opt for the one you would like to start with. After your enrollment, you will get the course content by email. You can also enroll for a different course while learning a course

Hands-on Project

The course of graphic designing will include a hands-on project i.e. You will be given a project and you need to submit the project and after submitting projects, ranks will be awarded.

Completion of Course

When you complete your graphic designing course and hands-on project that means your have successfully completed your course.

There are 4 modules in this course




Introduction to Graphic Designing

A big thanks to the number of online and offline software which can help you in designing graphics easily but when it comes to tedious tasks then a good graphic designing knowledge is required. There are a number of books or online resources to learn but all of these require background knowledge but here in dtechub course we start from a basic introduction of the course. We will start our course from theory and will take our course to a practical level.



Learning of Photoshop

After learning the basics of graphic designing we will move forward toward learning Photoshop. In this module, we will cover photoshop options starting from the marquee tool to advance photoshop features such as the use of filters such as levels, curves, exposure, etc.



Learning of Illustrator

After learning Photoshop we will move forward toward learning Adobe Illustrator. In this module, we will learn how to create vector arts,  use of illustrator in various graphic designing fields. We will start the Adobe illustrator module from a basic introduction to an advanced level. You do not require to have any prior knowledge to learn illustrator.



Graphic Designing Online Tools

After you complete your photoshop and illustrator modules then the next module is of Logo Designing. In this module, you will learn how to design a wonderful logo for any website or business. In this module, you will also learn some of the online websites which provides readymade solutions for logo making. 

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