10 Important Tips While Designing Logo

A wonderful logo will help your brand to instantly identifiable and stand out from the row. In the present digital era where competition is increasing among all businesses & in that scenario logo of your business is a key player in gaining attraction toward your business.

From drafting a logo on a piece of paper to having it printed on huge billboards, here are 10 most essential points to keep in mind while logo design.

Put Pen on Paper

It is well said by people that putting your designs and ideas on paper is the best old fashioned way. It may be among one of the most time-consuming parts of creating a logo but rushing ahead with the design will help you in getting final results. So when you will start with preliminary sketches as the time passes you will see your drafts into an improved form of your original idea.

Express Your Business

The typography, shape & color of your brand logo should convey an instant picture of who you are or what’s your business all about. Think of Arrow in the Amazon logo from A to Z or window sign in Microsoft logo.

Think Unique and Different

You should have the ability to think out of the box. Take an example of Apple’s logo, it’s the best example of unique and different. They have gone for using a symbol that is not related to the computer at all.

Keep in Mind Your Targeting Audiences

Whether you select a logo written in word or one combined with a picture, the main purpose of reaching it to targeting audiences must be accomplished. For example, when offering a product or service targeted at an online course then your logo should include a study-related picture.

Logo Should Represent Your Business

Your logo should be designed in such a way that it speaks for itself and captivate audiences visually with an appealing image that sells your services or product and leaves a lasting first impression.


A logo design should be simple as the simple design makes the logo catchy and legible. If you want to check that whether your logo is well designed then scale down your logo in size, it may be on your letterheads or business cards. If the logo loses its definition then it will be not as effective.

Vector Graphic

Your logo should be in vector graphic as the vector formats have the functionality to be enlarged and to be printed on larger media formats such as billboards & shop fronts without losing the quality of the logo.

Use of Colors Properly

Color plays a very vital role while designing the logo and the color you use in your logo will further define the entire color scheme of your website. You can use the color wheel tool for choosing the shades that go well together. Also, take into consideration that how good your logo will be in black and white and greyscale.

Use of Typography

For designing an attractive logo design You should play with several font types before finally deciding for the one that suits your logo or tagline the most. For a professional logo, it is advised not to use more than two different fonts and avoid the most commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman which will make your logo look amateur.


This is one of the most crucial elements of logo design. You should properly carry out research.

Keeping these important tips in mind will help you even if you decided to take the help of a professional graphic designer for creating your logo. who will design your logo with the functionality to work across all platforms of media from your shop to your website and posters.

Feel free to communicate your preferences with your logo designer and contribute anything that is in your mind. At the Digital Teaching Hub, we will be more than happy to make you learn logo design perfectly.

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